MECH Sereyrath

MECH Sereyrath (b.1993 in Phnom Penh) received her bachelor’s degree in media management from the Department of Media and Communications at Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2018, where she was equipped with photographic and filmmaking skills. She produced a photo book entitled Contemporary Breath for her thesis, which became a milestone for her career as a visual storyteller. Later on, she produced several photo series such as Gratitude, Wat Bo primary school, My neighboring space, and I am a daughter. In 2017, one of her photos was awarded second place in the Cultural Visa Photo competition then got to be exhibited in New York Gallery. Sereyrath has joined film training such as Film Incubator, sound training, and writing course. Along her journey, she has also been involved in making documentary films such as A shot, a change, Ben and community, My gun, my soul, and The mask.